Wessex Section Events

Wessex Section Matches

Captain: Acting Captain Keith Chapman-Burnett
Hon. Secretary: John McAllister – john.mcallister07@btinternet.com

Date Event Venue Result
21/04/2021 Early Spring Warmer Cumberwell Park  1st Keith Thompson 35 pts, 2nd Anthony Panes 34 pts, 3rd Keith Chapman-Burnett 32 pts. 1st Guest Richard Longhurst 35 pts.
19/05/2021 Spring Invitation Cumberwell Park  1st Barrie Saggers 38 pts, 2nd Trevor Neal 34 pts ocb, 3rd Keith Chapman-Burnett 34 pts. Best Guest Robin Plumley 26 pts.
09/06/2021 Spring Meeting Bramshaw (Manor)  1st Christopher Lacy 34 pts ocb, 2nd Keith Chapman-Burnett 34 pts, 3rd Stephen Howes 30 pts, 1st Guest David Walton 35 pts.
24/06/2021 Match v Exeter Property Professionals East Devon  Match halved  1.5 – 1.5 pts.
07/07/2021 Millenium Trophy High Post  1st Kevin Weston 37 pts ocb, 2nd Bill Simpson 37 pts, 3rd Barrie Saggers 34 pts ocb, 4th Stephen Howes 34 pts.
21/07/2021 Match v BB&O Section Wrag Barn  1st Stephen Howes 33 pts, 2nd David Price 32 pts, Nearest the Pin Kevin Weston. BB & O Section won the Match.
11/08/2021 Summer Invitation Meeting Tidworth Garrison  1st Kevin Weston 41 pts, 2nd Christopher Lacy 37 pts, 3rd Tim Church 34 pts ocb, 4th Trevor Neal 34 pts. Best Guest   Robin Plumley 35 pts.
TBC Match v South East Section TBC
01/09/2021 Early Autumn Meeting Cumberwell Park  1st Stephen Howes 33 pts, 2nd Keith Chapman-Burnett 32 pts ocb, 3rd Barrie Saggers 32 pts, 4th Kevin Weston 31   pts.
17/09/2021 Match v Midlands Section Ross on Wye  Wessex Section won.
29/09/2021 Autumn Meeting Hamptworth
13/10/2021 Captain’s Day North Wilts  1st Tim Church 42 pts, 2nd Kevin Weston 35 pts, 3rd John McAllister 34 pts ocb, 4th Trevor Neal 34 pts. Best Guest Graham Hill 41 pts.