Wessex Section Events

Wessex Section Matches

Captain: Acting Captain Keith Chapman-Burnett
Hon. Secretary: John McAllister – john.mcallister07@btinternet.com

Date Event Venue Result
21/04/2021 Early Spring Warmer Cumberwell Park  1st Keith Thompson 35 pts, 2nd Anthony Panes 34 pts, 3rd Keith Chapman-Burnett 32 pts. 1st Guest Richard Longhurst 35 pts.
19/05/2021 Spring Invitation Cumberwell Park  In place of the Meeting at Rushmore
09/06/2021 Spring Meeting Bramshaw (Manor)  1st Christopher Lacy 34 pts ocb, 2nd Keith Chapman-Burnett 34 pts, 3rd Stephen Howes 30 pts, 1st Guest David Walton 35 pts.
24/06/2021 Match v Exeter Property Professionals East Devon
07/07/2021 Millenium Trophy High Post
21/07/2021 Match v BB&O Section Wrag Barn
11/08/2021 Summer Invitation Meeting Tidworth Garrison
TBC Match v South East Section TBC
01/09/2021 Early Autumn Meeting Cumberwell Park
17/09/2021 Match v Midlands Section Ross on Wye
29/09/2021 Autumn Meeting Hamptworth
13/10/2021 Captain’s Day North Wilts