Forest Pines NE/NW Inaugural Two Day Meeting

The North-East and North-West Sections held their first joint two-day meeting at the wonderful Forest Pines Spa and Golf Resort in North Lincolnshire on Sunday/Monday 2 & 3 June 2019.

We had 16 golfers, 8 from each side of the Pennines, and once passports had been checked, play commenced on day 1, playing for the NE Russell Storey Salver. Competition was fierce on the Pines and Beeches courses with David Vail from the NE reclaiming the salver with an impressive 35 points.

Dinner was preceded with a £160 drinks voucher which was very quickly dissipated, and a swift whipround for the wine, and we were given our own private dining area by the hotel … possibly to keep us away from other guests. The draw for the 4-man team event at the end of dinner added to the excitement.

Day 2 was a 2 from 4 team event played on the Forest and Beeches courses and was not without controversy with 2 teams vying for top spot, one having ignored the 90% of handicap instructions … always read the email! In the end an honorable draw on 80 points each was declared.

As a first event of this type, the venue was superb, 3 loops of 9 (designed by David Thomas about 25 years ago) in splendid condition, fast running greens and with borrows that defeated many. Accommodation, food and facilities were first class though we think only Ian Hall, the N.W. Captain, actually got into the pool on the Monday morning. In all, a fantastic event.

Make sure you don’t miss out next year! The NW will have difficulty finding a venue which matches Forest Pines – but inspection of possible candidates is already underway.

Mike Cook, Hon. Sec. NE Peter Higham, Hon. Sec. NW 12 June 2019