The National Spring Meeting at the Berkshire

57 Members atttended the National Spring Meeting at The Berkshire on 2nd May. The day which remained dry until the later part of the afternoon was enjoyed by all as was the lunch at which we were joined by our Vice-President John Trumper and Hon. Life Member Hugh Edwards.

The results were :

The Singles on the Red Course

Singles – Senior Division  (Handicap up to 14)

Place For the Davids Bowl Points
1st Nick Watts  39 pts
 2nd Robin Stevenson  38 pts

Singles – Junior Division  (Handicap 14 +)

Place For the Veterans Spoon Points
1st Roy Hawkins 36 pts
 2nd      Ian Norris 35 pts

Foursomes on the Blue Course

Place For the Howards Foursomes Cup Points
1st Charles Kelly and David Tudor  38 pts
 2nd Alex Soskin and Robin Stevenson 37 pts


Place Combined Singles and Foursomes Points
1st Robin Stevenson  75 pts
 2nd Alex Soskin  73 pts

Winner of the David’s Bowl : Nick Watts highest singles score irrespective of Division 

and the Veterans’ Spoon was won by Roy Hawkins

The Captain Tom Emlyn Jones presented The President’s Challenge Cup to

Phil Hacking who beat Robin Stevenson in the final on the 18th hole at Royal Cromer.