Office Office Holder
President Chris Brooke (President RICS)
Vice – President John O Trumper
Captain Tom Emlyn Jones
Vice – Captain Fiona Stoddard
Hon Treasurer Colin D Searle
Hon Secretary Andrew C M Rintoul
Hon Accounts Examiner Michael O Coates
Committee The Captain, Vice – Captain, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Accounts Examiner,
Ryan Noades, Alex Soskin, Robin Stevenson, Keith Thompson, Richard Pyatt, Andy Ambrose, Mike Cook, Peter Higham, Iain Laurie, John Hallett and John McAllister. (In addition one nominee from each Section at its discretion.)
Hon Life Members G. D. Adams, D. E. Biddle, H. W. M. Cave, M. O. Coates, J. F. Doubleday, C. J. Eatough,   H. A. C. Edwards, H. A. Mote, R. F. S. Port, H. G. Stewart, P. Swindin, J. O. Trumper and R. Webb